Little details can go a long ways.

When selling a house that needs updates or vision I not only look at the big picture I look at a few details as well. Most people enter a home and begin to think about what it could be, but subconsciously there are things that can hold that vision back without them realizing it. I try to eliminate or lessen these road blocks that cloud vision. This is not about the art of deception, but the art of creating vision.

Overcome the road blocks.

A great example of this is a property I just listed. This house was built in 1960 and has not received any updates since then, obviously a fixer. When I walked through this space for the first time I immediately made a list of things that I thought would help engage buyers in the vision. An initial observation I made was that this house was set above the street with great opportunities for light to enter, but the existing curtains not only made the rooms feel smaller, they prevented the full amount of light to enter the room when opened all the way.  By removing the curtains this allowed the maximum amount of light to enter and highlighted the great corner windows with the potential for a very modern feel.

In the kitchen there was a similar issue with the curtains, but there was an additional component of the exterior screen.  The exterior screen gave one side of the window a darkened feel, which made one think that there was not a lot of natural light in the kitchen and the only way to get light into the kitchen would be to open up a wall (which actually with this floor plan would not be a bad idea). However, by removing the screen it almost doubled the amount of light that was being let into the kitchen and made the kitchen feel larger. This showed the potential to work in this kitchen without feeling crowded or having to spend the money to open up a wall.

By removing these two issues I believe that the vision for updates took on more life in the mind of the buyer than it would have if screens and curtains were left up. Each property will have different road blocks so the solution is not always to remove window coverings, but the trick is figuring out what road blocks need to be eliminated in order to allow a buyer to be able to visual their future home.